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How to show 'em what you got at interview

How to show 'em what you got at interview

Posted by Courtney Overton-Edwards over 4 years ago

In our last blog, we examined how employers should hire attitude over skills.

The question now is how do you – as the candidate – show that you’ve got the attitude they’re looking for when you have that single chance to make a brilliant impression at interview?

Use your recruiter.

A recruiter is the inside line into the psyche of a business. Use them to the max! It is important to have a good grasp on a company’s culture and ethos. Your recruiter will have established a rapport with their client and have an idea of what the company is seeking - this may be established skills, trainable skills, attitude or values. Do not feel that you are asking too much of your recruiter by asking questions, remember it’s our job!

Be prepared.

Although this seems obvious, it is absolutely the most important thing. Everyone knows that you must know the basic functions of a business to prepare for an interview, which goes without saying, however having a selection of prepared stories that showcase your skills is always a good idea. Take a look at our previous blog on preparing for competency based interviews for a more in depth look. Being prepared can help to alleviate some of those pre-interview jitters.

Show willing.

It may be the case that you don't know the specifics of the job, but showing that you understand you will need to learn and have the aptitude to do so can go a long way. For example, you will almost certainly be asked how your experience is relevant in the role so do not fear if your professional or personal experience does not align perfectly, there are always parallels. Try to show times you have been adaptable and have taken on new challenges. Presenting yourself as someone who is able to pick things up quickly and willing to learn can often be more of a pro than someone who has learned habits!

Ask questions.

Sometimes it can feel daunting to ask questions during an interview, but don't forget it is also an opportunity for you to see if the company is the correct fit for you.  The type of questions you ask can be very indicative of the kind of candidate that you are for a role – don’t ask a boring question, ask a standout question about workplace culture or what attributes make high performers in the role.

Remember that being positive, adaptable and keen are key attributes looked for by employers, as more and more recruit in the 'hire attitude, train skills' vein.  You always have something to offer – so make sure you know how to show it!

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