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About Avocet Strategic Resourcing

Great People deliver Great Service  - we deliver Great People.

The right team is the crucial element for dealing with the increasing pressure placed on IT Business Services to deliver.  And we’re aware of just how much precious time it takes to put together a superstar team.

Our main commitment is to understand your business and the best thing we can do is ask questions and listen. We’re not generalist IT recruiters trying to be ‘all things to all men’ – we’re experts at technical service desk and infrastructure support. We just stick to what we’re good at.

We believe that people are at the heart of technology. People develop systems, define processes, use tools and support the tech and users alike. We successfully match people with the role, the team and the company.

We deliver the right person for your organisation - no fuss; no over-promising and no under-delivering; just great people and great service.

Professional Standards

We have a single aim: providing the right people for the right role.

We could not do this without our own set of professional standards:

  • Our ethical process begins with the decision to accept an assignment. We never accept a role that we do not feel we will be able to fill with the strongest candidate.  At best, this is a waste of everyone’s time, and at worst it could be disastrous for an individual’s career, your organisation and our reputation.
  • Is the job description/personal specification a true reflection of the role? We invest considerable time understanding a requirement to ensure we attract the right people.  This includes a thorough analysis of the job description and an assessment of all influencing factors, including the potential for growth, the workplace culture and team dynamics.
  • We examine the qualifications/eligibility criteria for the role – is it a wide range or relatively narrow? The former may need narrowing down and being too specific reduces the candidate pool and may also mean potentially excluding or discriminating against otherwise qualified individuals.
  • In a candidate driven market, we work hard to ‘sell’ a role to a potential candidate but will never misrepresent the company, the scope and difficulty of the role, the remuneration or any other key components.  We are always aware of your employer brand
  • We present clients with a comprehensive candidate profile including the individual’s motivation, strengths, weaknesses and aspirations.
  • Recognising that attending an interview can be a very stressful process, we give all candidates a wealth of pre-interview support including interview techniques, comprehensive company background, team structure etc., all of which allows a candidate to perform as confidently as possible and allows them to truly represent themselves.
  • We remain active and available,  throughout the lifespan of the search.
  • Our internal practices are reviewed regularly to ensure transparency and fairness.
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Great people deliver great service - and we deliver great people